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Commercial Savings

Up to 50% energy savings on commercial application.


Residential Application

Limitless applications on residential homes and properties

We are a proud distributor of VIPEQ INDUSTRIES’S “Thermal Cork Shield”

Thermal cork shield offers superior properties compared to stucco and paint

Our product will not only save you on utilities but also has other amazing properties like:

Thermal Barrier

Our product is a natural thermal barrier that greatly reduces heat or cold from penetrating into your home or office.

Fire Retardant

Cork is naturally fire retardant, it will not release incandescent particles nor will the flames propagate.

10 year warranty

Offering a 10 year warranty, when applied by our certified professionals.

Acoustic Insulation

We are able to reduce sound up to 18 decibels with our product.

Thermal Cork Shield is the best energy efficient product on the market, looking to learn more?

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